Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mac Tip #4 -Email a webpage or link

If you're using Safari and you want to email a webpage or link to someone use the keyboard commands (Apple + I) to send the webpage or (Shift + Apple + I) to send the link. Or go into the File menu and select Mail Contents of this page or Mail link of this page.


Anonymous said...

Hi just wonder when send the page like that u receive the mail and it opens like a picture so u can’t klick on it and u can’t get to the page or any of the links on it
any idea how to send the page in a mail and u can klick on it or the links in it ??

Jan said...

The page looked fine in mail, but when I sent it to my gmail account, the links were simply displayed in a long column. My banner appeared at the top and eventually my blog appeared, after a huge mess of other links.

Since many of my readers will be using free email services, it's important that the page present well in all emails.

I'm finding it's simpler to upload my banner, then copy and paste the blog, adding a link to the comments box.

Is there any way I can post the page as is without a mailing service?