Friday, October 28, 2005

Delicious Monster

If you've you got lots of books, CDs, DVDs or games you'd like to catalog here's a great program to do just that. Check out Delicious Monster. You can download a free demo and try it out to see if it's worth $40 to you. Very intuitive and visual. Enter the name of an musical group or artist and Delicious Monster will access the internet database and pull down album art and all the tracks for the CD and put it on you CD shelf. Very cool. Found out about this on MacBreak Minute. Check them out here.

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Big Job said...

Checked out the website. It's totally cool. It's so cool that it's got to be evil. Yeah. You know all the info is being fed into a Homeland Security database, where they're flagging every book and movie on your shelf. Suddenly you're on some watch-list because of a few Henry Millers and your DVD of The Fog of War. DON'T GIVE IN TO THE MIND POLICE, PEOPLE!